The POWER 30: William R. Skolnick

January 16, 2024

Family business litigation is often referred to as a divorce. But sometimes the business fight is about a divorce, and vice versa.

That was the case of Westgate Cups et al. v. Cheryl Coughlin, a Wisconsin case where Minneapolis lawyer William Skolnick represented Coughlin, ex-wife and ex-business partner of Westgate’s owner. Although the couple’s divorce was over, Westgate sued Coughlin for breach of fiduciary duty, conspiracy against the company and tortious interference with contractual relationship.

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The POWER 30: William Skolnick

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Skolnick & Joyce Has Moved

We are excited to announce our recent relocation to 1150 SPS Tower, 333 South 7th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55402. Please stop in and see our new home!

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